Daxing Airport is ready for navigation! Baotong take you to the China Southern Base hangar door project

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Daxing Airport is ready for navigation! Baotong take you to the China Southern Base hangar door project

Daxing Airport is ready for navigation! Baotong take you to the China Southern Base hangar door project

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  Recently, head of the Civil Aviation Administration of China at a regular press conference said that Beijing Daxing International Airport will be fully operational by September 15. After 5 years of intensive construction, the main engineering project of Beijing Daxing International Airport - the second largest airport in Beijing, finished on June 30,2019, will put into use by the end of September,2019.

  Beijing Daxing International Airport, named by the The Guardian(UK) as the "New seven wonders of the world, is a very large international air transportation hub built between Daxing District(Beijing city) and Guangyang District(Langfang City,Hebei Province), . After completed, it will have many world records: the world's largest single airport terminal, the world's most technically difficult terminal, the world's largest airport terminal with seismic isolation bearings, the world's largest unstructured and integrated terminal building.



Beijing Daxing International Airport Completion Effect Map



Overall Plan of Beijing Daxing International Airport


  As the main base airline with the largest share of Beijing Daxing International Airport, China Southern Airlines completed the project of maintenance facilities at Beijing Daxing International Airport at 9: 00 a.m. on June 29 this year.

  No.1 Hangar of Beijing New Airport China Southern Airlines Base total area is 39,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 5 football fields or 80 basketball courts. It is the largest single-body project in Beijing New Airport China Southern Airlines Base.When completed, it will be the largest hangar in Asia,also is the largest hangar with span of over 400M. Include 5 wide-body aircraft seats and 3 narrow-body aircraft seats.



Beijing Daxing International Airport Southern Airlines Base


  Shenyang Baotong Door Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of design, manufacturing and installation for hangar doors, aircraft maintenance systems and large industrial doors.25 years past,Baotong have been international advanced level in the aviation ground equipment field,widely serve many major aircraft companies,such as Boeing, Airbus and COMAC, airlines and aircraft maintenance companies.Committed to offer superb super doors for customers, providing high-quality design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. We built the 402.1M width by 26M height hangar door for China Southern Airlines base and 145.7M width by 21M height hangar door for China Eastern Airlines base.



Shen yang baotong door industry co., ltd.


  The No.1 hangar of the China Southern Airlines base maintenance and repair facility project is 405M width by 40M maintenance hall height, can accommodate 2 Airbus A380, 3 Boeing B777 and 3 narrow-body airliner simultaneously, or accommodate 12 Airbus A320 series narrow-body airliners. This hangar door has maximum span and maximum unit construction scale in Asia. The first phase of China Eastern Airlines base total construction area is 85,000 square meters,including 15 functional facilities such as hangars and annexes,special garages and energy power centers.



Beijing Daxing International Airport Eastern Airlines Base


  China Southern Airlines base hangar door project is 1 set electric sliding hangar door, use thermal insulation electric sliding door. The opening size is 402.1M width (404.5M width on the axis) × 26M height,10 big leaves(each big leaf consists of two independent small leaves with flexible connection),each big leaf is 40.4M width by 26M height,112T weight and consists of two independent steel structure with flexible connection,each small leaf weight is 56T.

  Distributed on four tracks, the length of top track and bottom track are the same as the hangar length, each big leaf can move independently and serve as a door library for each other. 4 leaves have aluminum alloy access doors; 3 big leaves have car access doors, the access door size is 5000mm × 4500mm, no threshold, lift style.



Assembly of Hangar Door Parts in China Southern Airlines Base


  Large area day lighting, height 1.4M to 25M use exposed glass curtain wall system, specifications: 6mm LOW-E tempered glass + 12A (hollow layer) + 6mm tempered glass.

  Outer surface buckle groove of the leaf is made of 1mm thickness color steel plate(PVDF coating finish), below 1.4m outer surface is made of 50mm thick rock wool metal composite board,inner skirt board is made of special aluminum profile and aluminum hollow board, which is convenient to install, beautiful and easy to disassemble. Access door adopts special aluminum profile through the long hinge, smooth operation, durable and beautiful.



Hangar Gate of China Southern Airlines Base Began Hoisting


  The door steel structure parts were all pre-processing in Baotong factory, use high-strength bolt for connection, which greatly improves the production and installation accuracy. The strength is based on the climatic conditions in Beijing,follow the 《Building Structure Load Specification》GB50009-2012, taking into account the body shape coefficient, wind pressure height change coefficient, and wind gust coefficient of the wind load. Besides, also considered the influence of the local wind pressure shape coefficient,the steel structure of the gate ensures the strength, rigidity and stability.



China Southern Airlines Hangar Gate Project Completed


  To ensure the production tolerance and speed up production schedule, avoid quality problems which may delays the progress of on site construction, most door frame parts are made by CNC equipments. These equipments includes: CNC automatic blanking sawing machine, high-speed CNC steel bar combined production line, 3D CNC drilling machine production line, CNC drilling machine, etc .; The CNC programming were finished by professional programmers, with inspector checking all the details, which can guarantee all the products qualified.



When the hangar door project of China Southern Airlines base was completed, all the construction personnel took a photo. 


  From Oct18th, 2018 to June 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport project lasted for over 8 months. With the hard work of all our team, the hangar door construction project of China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines at Daxing International Airport successfully completed.

  In the next years,Baotong will continue maintain closer cooperation with major aircraft manufacturing companies, airlines and aircraft maintenance companies. Make full use of Baotong advanced technologies to provide customers better services in design, manufacturing, and installation aspects.

  Baotong Door always committed to providing safe, reliable, innovative and environmentally friendly products and services, willing to work with friends from all over the world to advance the development of China's manufacturing industry and make great progress.